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The annual capacity of the Dotnuva Baltic UAB seed preparation plant, which started operating in 2003, is 30 thousand tonnes of seeds bearing the Dotnuva Seeds brand.

We represent and distribute the seeds of cereals, rape, corn, sugar beet, fodder, lawn grass and bean plants of the Institute of Agriculture of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (LAMMC) and the most famous international seed companies. We cooperate with DLF Seeds & Science, Saaten Union, DSV, Maribo, Lantmännen, Syngenta Seeds, RAGT, Rapool, Bayer CropScience, Basf, KWS, Saatbau Linz, HR Smolice and others.

The seeds are sold by Linas Agro, and the main seed markets are Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In addition to these countries, our seeds are sold in other EU countries as well as in Belarus. We have also started the process of variety registration in Ukraine. Another part of our activity is the seed propagation for other seed companies in the EU. We propagate the seeds of perennial grasses, mustard, fodder radish, etc.

Seed quality is guaranteed

Every year we invest in strengthening our seed preparation capacity. In 2019, we upgraded the line for preparing herbal mixtures, which allowed us to improve their quality. In 2020, we installed a modern spectral cleaner with chambers that separates the seeds by colour and cleans seeds of a similar size and weight.

The factory-installed equipment and process control system ensure a high seed quality. Each seed consignment undergoes strict three-level controls in the factory laboratory. The prepared seeds are then evaluated by specialists of the State Plant Service under the Ministry of Agriculture. Only those seeds meeting the mandatory quality requirements are certified.

We are increasing our warehousing area

Currently, we focus on streamlining our logistics chain – from the production to delivery to the customer. In 2020, we started the construction of a modern warehouse in Dotnuva, Kėdainiai District, with an investment value of 1.3 million euros. The new warehouse with a capacity of 3.5 thousand sq. m. will allow us to store 2.1 thousand tonnes of seeds. As a result, the largest part of Dotnuva Seeds range of seeds will be concentrated in one place in Dotnuva. Along with the larger storage area, we will be able to better plan our production and seed deliveries to customers. Usually the largest part, i.e. 99% of seeds, are delivered to the customer’s farm, which will greatly improve the speed of delivery and transportation flexibility. It will also be possible to prepare a larger range of seeds in advance, which will allow for a more even distribution of the production load over time.



Linas agro

The seeds of Dotnuva Seeds are sold by Linas Agro AB.


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Sigitas Augas


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